Private Parties & Bookings

Booking the Whaleshark

We missed this years “Party Like a Pirate” Tour due to circumstances completely within Eriks control (more on that later).  Finally, we are back in business and underway starting to think about putting together Erik’s 2012 summer tour schedule and the whole country is fair game again.   With any luck Erik will be finally recording a long overdue BRAND NEW CD to tour.  It is a long way away but Erik apparently needs this kind of time to get things done! So let us know where you want him to show up. Currenty Erik will be available in Northern CA from May to the 2nd week in June and heading east after that. We’re looking to get as far East as PA and as far west as CA.  The season will be from May until the beginning of Sept and we are planning something big for when this Pirate finally turns 40 next August!!!

Erik is again still trying to show up at most of Jimmy Buffett’s shows for pre-JB-parties this year.  (Attention all Parrothead clubs and Phlocking events).  If you’d like Erik to come to your town, start by scoping out your local venues (makes it easier for us) or just have yourself a luau themed private party of your own. We’re doing more parties this year.  It isn’t as expensive as you think (then again maybe it is…).  Pick a friend with the coolest back yard, chip in, and put on an awesome party.

As far as clubs go, fun places are obviously preferred but Erik will play anywhere for enough money (just don’t bring your kids / don’t blame me for what they hear).  Whatever the occasion; weddings, funerals, hangings, or just a private bonfire beach party, if you need some fun, contact us at:

The Whaleshark
PO Box 12191
Lahaina, HI 96761